Friday, August 26, 2011

Is There Ice Cream In Our Future?

It’s been a while since I blogged – a smashed elbow in July took a lot of my energy and attention – but it is now well on the road to recovery – plus the fall season is well upon us and it’s time to get the conversations going again.

While I wasn’t at the Mayor’s Town Hall meeting some news has filtered my way that may be of interest.

Seems an ice cream store is planning to open on Montgomery Street 2 doors up from the Harrison Beard building. Great news to have an ice cream store – but I have to wonder why it’s not going to Laurel’s Main Street. Main Street would have the traffic, there are plenty of open storefronts and an ice cream parlor would draw a variety folks not just Old Town locals. Once again Main Street seems to be getting the shorter end of the stick – in this case the ice cream stick.

Other hints from the meeting suggested there will be news soon on the Police Station – and let’s hope it’s something that will get rid of what can only be described as a building well past its prime and a site in desperate need of development.

And what’s with the walking path around Laurel Lakes? It’s been closed again forcing walkers to detour up and around the block. Surely pedestrians and the local folks on the street can come to some agreement so the community isn’t blocked from walking around the lake on a path their tax $$s pay for.

Other news: confirmed by talking with the folks at Montgomery Cleaners: they’re moving across the street to the site of the previous appliance store. They seem excited, and I think this means they’ll have an air conditioned building!.

Starting Sept 2. The Laurel Museum will have a very modest exhibit “Laurel Remembers 9/11”. The commemorative book for visitors that was available to people after that tragic event will be on display – and visitors to the 10 year anniversary are encouraged to read some of the comments, and also write their own thoughts ten years after.

That’s all for now: coming soon the upcoming political season in Laurel.

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LaceyT said...

I'm excited about an ice cream parlor, but I agree that Main Street would have been nicer. Main Street has so much potential and is missing so many "staples" of a small town Main Street.