Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catching Up and Some Musings

My last post is so long ago I may have forgotten how to write. Excuse: well it was a busy summer. Lots of travel, work, campaigning etc. So now fall is here..

LHS Activities: Lindsey Baker (working with both Venus Play Shack and the Laurel Mill Playhouse has created two great nights: One (This Saturday October 2 for a Ghost Walk) and one October 9 with LMP that includes dinner and the play.

October 2 is Maryland Million Day -- and I'm going to try to go. Research for the new library exhibit on the track's 100th Anniversary has included meeting some of the people who work in the barns, own and train horses. Gives you a sense of a world about which I knew/still know little. You may not support slots, but the loss of this world in Laurel would be a loss to this community. Want to see something beautiful -- be at the track around 7:00 a.m. when the horses are exercising.

About the election.

The primary election is over (thank goodness!). While only one of the candidates I supported won, the school board and county council races did reveal some great talent. Congratulations Mary. Hope to see Valerie Cunningham and Chonya Johnson staying active. We have City Council elections next year ... Kudos to all who ran --and lost, including Fred Smalls, Tom Dernoga, Mike McClaughlin and David Murray. I can only admire those who care enough and give what can only be considered an astonishing amount of time and effort to run. And while I often don't agree with many of the officials, I have to admire those who give so much of their time in office.

There. That said. We'll have a new County Council Representative -- Mary Lehman whom I know is very committed to her work and will be a great council rep. Now's the time for all our city and county folk to roll up their sleeves, put elections and any past hard feelings behind them and work together to improve the economic situation in Laurel. Moving the Library downtown comes to mind.

About that Library: Still a great idea and the BOLD group is still working hard. We'll be at Riverfest and are working with folks on C Street for an event.

Some other random thoughts: What's with the path around Laurel Lake? Taking far too much time. And while we've heard rumblings about the neighbors not liking folks walking through their "private" street, cutting off virtually 1/4 of the lake path doesn't seem fair.

That's all for now.