Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Removal Part Deux

Well, like they say, it's been a while. And my main topic today is pretty much a retread of an earlier blog. Snow removal. OK folks. It's been two + weeks since the big snow. The City of Laurel was kind enough to let folks off the hook re: snow removal when we got 30+. But now people are actually trying to walk around, and there are too many places -- many of them commercial -- that haven't shoveled. Show a little respect for your neighbors and shovel that sidewalk's ice or your corner lot's other side. Most irritating: the people who shovel a personal path from their house to their car -- and leave the rest to slip and slide. Also: a personal shout out to Pat Quill who used his front-loader to great effect and helped clear 2 parking spaces in front of our house when he saw me shoveling. Also to the Laurel City plow guy who did not block my driveway and also pushed snow to the side. See --work to remove snow and you are rewarded!

The BOLD (Bring Our LIbrary Downtown) folks will be presenting at the Lions Club tonight -- and we'll have a part of the BOT table at the Mayor's Open House. BOLD is also on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/BOLD-Bring-Our-Library-Downtown/309065206422?ref=ts . Please become a Fan.

Two other exhibits: Try to see Old Town Resident Cheryl Dyer's piece at the Montpelier Art Center, and the new exhibit at the Laurel Museum: Snapshots in Time, Our Community 1910 and 2010. Both very worthwhile