Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting the Boot

This should be a blog entry about an idyllic weekend in West Virginia. Our long weekend included a nest of Phoebes (a kind of flycatcher) on our cabin's front porch with lots of little baby birds and a mother and father who anxiously watched the intruders (us) so much that we moved our chairs to another part of the porch.

It also included a very enjoyable ride on the Allegheny Highland Trail, with it's .8 incline on the return (we were pooped by the last 2 miles of the 25 mile ride, it's better when downhill is on the way back.). There was also a nice lunch at the renovated Bedford Springs Resort (worth a visit -- amazing place, especially if you like massively good historic renovations). The Springs has several hiking paths and we took a 2 mile up and back that was lovely. As was 95% of the next day's walk at the Nature Conservancy/Potomac Audubon's new site near Great Cacapon.

Unfortunately, the downside of that walk was my downfall -- literally and figuratively. Foot stumbled on a rut (and on a branch that made an awful CRACK!) and I went tumbling onto the gravel -- with a foot going other way. Getting up it was clear all wasn't well. So we hobbled back down to the car (about 1/4 mile) and back to the cabin, where, after climbing the two-story steps, my undone sock revealed, well, it wasn't pretty and needed attention. So. Good soldier, and very helpful spouse Ken had to pack up all (we hadn't planned to return til Tuesday morning) including the cat and back we went through traffic -- dropping me off at HC General about 6:45-7:00. 3+ hours later I was home with a splint, diagnosis of a broken ankle bone and orders to see an orthopedist in a day or so. "You're going to become good friends with an orthopedist" were their exact words. So I did. Saw a Dr. at MD Orthopedics up the street (nice place , good staff/Drs, but a 4 hour wait for treatment a bit long guys) -- crutches, etc for a while. So I've traded hiking boots for a different boot. Sigh. And become dependent on the kindness of spouses, friends etc for all transportation etc. And did I mention we live in a two story house?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Ducky

Just a quick one. The skies parted, sort of, and we were actually able to walk outside this morning (and lucked out yesterday, too). Today we walked in the morning around Laurel Lake. Aside from the very animated and dedicated group of ladies walking in the opposite direction (they lap the lake 5-6 times they said, impressive!) we had additional company.

Laurel Lakes ducks now have ducklings. One group of 4-5 little ones was hugging the bank. Another very little one was with Mom and Dad? One wonders whether the predators--turtles, foxes etc who make growing to full duckhood a tricky business already got some of the second Mom's brood. We'll see how many are there next week. Sorry, no photos this time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Elementary Police Work

I was at the Laurel Museum yesterday to help with a tour of 5-year olds from Laurel Elementary who were visiting the current exhibit on the 1950s. The kids were great. The entire LES is visiting the Museum, and this is a terrific partnership between our schools and the LHS. One of the reasons it was so appealing for the LES was because the kids could walk to the Museum -- saving $$ on buses. A sad commentary on tight finances -- but a good opportunity to showcase a local resource -- and I think they'll be back..

The youngsters' arrival and departure also sent home a message about Laurel as a small town. The Laurel Police Department sent an escort for the little ones as they walked. And in the 1:00 group, PFC Amirah All-Dinar even came in between comings and goings. She saw the Museum for the first time -- and sat with the kids as they worked with Silly Putty. What a great way to show kids that Police officers can be friendly.