Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Spring. Must Be Time for the First Laurel Yard Sale Crawl

Things are picking up for the Spring. The Old Town Community is planning its first (or at least first in a long time) community yard sale on May 5 (a date carefully calculated to not conflict with the City Hall sale or Main Street Festival). So far more than 8 families have signed up -- which I think means there is going to be a lot of terrific stuff. Especially if those selling are pack rats like me and my other better half. I anticipate lots of kids items, some antiques, hardware (I know we have duplicates of good stuff), furniture, kitchenware etc.

It's not too late for Old Town folks who want to participate to sign up. Note: Each participant MUST have an individual yard sale permit from the City of Laurel. If you want to participate and be on the map indicating yard sale sites it's not too late To be on the map (participants get copies): Download the form at and get your permit.E-mail Joni McGovern at by April 24 to be on the Map.
We'll be promoting it with a press release, signs, postings on Craig's list, yard sale search etc. Find more garage sales in Laurel on Yard Sale Search. Should be a great event