Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Politcs: Johnson Still Doesn't Get It

Just after posting below I heard that Leslie Johnson has resigned – effective July 31. Tell me, has she no shame to not make her resignation immediate? Today (as I write this) is July 5. She still wants to remain in office, and get paid for 26 more days. PG Council members should strip her of her office immediately, and not let Ms. Johnson control her term in office.

Parades are Political, Recalcitrant Politicos and More.

Just some random political thoughts.

Laurel’s 4th of July Parade was a bi-partisan affair, -- and contrary to Harvard polling, had lots of democrat spectators and participants. Laurel’s City Council, and delegation were on hand, as were some others to note.

David Murray, who is making another run for the school board – good to see young people persevering and going for it.

Ken Ulman who is clearly prepping for a run for the governorship. The HOWARD COUNTY executive was walking and shaking hands at the Laurel (PG COUNTY) parade. Asked if he was running, Ulman was non-committal and made a reference to just making friends. He was walking along with Laurel Mayor Craig Moe (also making a run for a 3rd term in office.) Is Mayor Moe giving an early endorsement?

Kudos to Delegate Mary Lehman (also at the parade) for standing up for taxi drivers in her Washington Post op-ed piece.

Hopefully the groundswell for Leslie Johnson to resign is growing. Lots of comments on the Patch story, and people are hopefully writing their Council members, Johnson and Council Chair Turner. As former Councilmember Tom Dernoga noted in his comments from the Gazette but quoted in the Patch story “If Ms. Johnson wants to move on beyond her ‘mistake’, she must step down immediately,” Dernoga wrote. “No public benefit, only personal benefit, can derive from Ms. Johnson holding on to the council seat. Failure to do so would demonstrate lack of remorse, which the judge should consider at sentencing.”

Is there anyone but Johnson and, inexplicably, Council Chair Turner, not calling for Johnson’s resignation? Do we all need to go to Council meetings and wave signs, or ask at the public comment sections for her to step down?