Monday, October 26, 2009

Trucks, Shops and Pumpkins

This morning Governor O'Malley is visiting Laurel (arriving around 9 I've been told) but he's already missed the excitement -- though the street cleaners sent out around 4 a.m. this morning didn't win him votes in this household. During our normal 6:45 am walk -- our group decided to walk down Main, go past the MARC station and around. We were unexpectedly entertained when a very large air conditioning hauling truck most unwisely tried to go under the railroad bridge. The huge amount of damage (including spewing what looked like Freon into the air) to the industrial sized ac units on his truck certainly didn't make his day -- or the commuters behind him. MARC station workers, commuters, and local business folk were amused, but I doubt the driver was. He has some explaining to do to someone.

Also: last Friday we finally went to the Grand Market on 197. WOW. If you haven't visited and seen their extraordinary selection of produce and international foods you've missed a great experience. What the heck do you do with a Banana flower anyway?

I was at the Laurel Museum Sunday for their World of Pumpkins Fun Fall Day. More than 28 kids and happy parents had a great time with pumpkin decorating, pumpkin foods, pumpkin mosaics and more. Executive Director Lindsey Baker told a cute ghost story to enraptured little ones (OK, a couple of older boys wanted it scarier, but hey, we had three year olds there). PS: Thanks Home Depot, Frances' friends and Meadows Farms for the pumpkins.

Thats all for now.